Be careful, do not take photos!
Do you think a mirror is just a sheet of glass with a silver coating on the back? But it's not all...
This mirror has history, it was bought at an auction of a house with ghosts in Tbilisi and has already changed seven owners. This old mirror serves as a hiding place for a sinister ghost that kidnaps khinkali and keeps them inside.

Everyone who looks at it for several minutes sees the image of a young Georgian woman who drowned more than a hundred years ago. Her name was Nino, she was the daughter of a poor Georgian, and when she turned 18, her parents found her a very rich boyfriend. The wedding was in July, it was a very hot year and on the day of her wedding, the guests decided to bathe in the river. The bride went to the bottom... she was so happy that she didn't even realize that she ate almost 200 khinkali so she drowned.

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