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The history of the birth of the Georgian restaurant "Kinza" interests many of our customers.

"Kinza" has its origins in the distant 17th century. Georgian merchants often visited Spanish lands and interacted not only in a commercial, but also in a cultural sense with the locals. By sharing experience and knowledge, the two cultures built relationships.

Kinza carries a similar mission. We continue to reveal Georgian culture, prepare healthy, authentic dishes. We care and love our guests, so we always select the best and freshest products brought from Georgia, with special attention we select wines. Thanks to our approach, everyone can be transported to the atmosphere of Georgian hospitality and enjoy the national cuisine.

The main philosophy of "Kinza" lies precisely in these simple, but extremely deep things: we convey the hospitality of Georgia through food and traditions, through dances and toasts.

The very name of the restaurant - "Kinza" - has a deep meaning and carries the atmosphere of delicious and aromatic Georgian cuisine. Also, coriander (Kinza) is a seasoning that is very popular and widely used in Georgia. For us, "Kinza" is not only a name, it is a name filled with soul.
We are waiting for you in our world of friendship, fun and hospitality!

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Georgian Khinkali in Barcelona
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Georgian food in Kinza Barcelona
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